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Race History

2004 Race Results

January 17th & 18th, "Kalkaska Winterfest", Kalkaska, Michigan, 4.8 miles per day, 2nd place out of 11 teams.

January 24th & 25th, "GLSDA Kalkaska Sled Dog Race", Kalkaska, Michigan 4.8 miles / day 2nd place out of 12 teams. 

February 14th & 15th, "Kinross 'Two' Sled Dog Race," Kinross, Michigan 4.7 miles/day, 2nd place out of 11 teams.

2007 Race Results

February 16th & 17th, "Midnight Run", Gwinn to Marquette, Michigan, 91 miles, finished (results unavailable).

2015 Race Results

January 3rd, "Solstice 100", Two Rivers, Alaska, 100 miles, 3rd place out of 13 teams


January 10th, "Copper Basin 300", Glennallen, Alaska, 310 miles, 16th place out of 49 teams


December 12th "Alpine Creek Excursion Sled Dog Race", Cantwell, Alaska, 50 miles, 5th place out of 30+ teams

2017 Race Results

January 20th, "Two Rivers 200", Two Rivers, Alaska, 200 miles, 5th place out of 18 teams (Jeremy took the team for this race!)

January 28th, "Northern Lights 300", Big Lake, Alaska, 300 miles, 2nd place out of 25 teams


February 25th,"Hamburger Run" Two Rivers to Angel Creek, Alaska, 30 miles, 1st place out of 9 teams

2005 Race Results

January 8th, "Tahquamenon Country Sled Dog Race", Newberry, Michigan, 28 miles 6-dog Sport, 12th place out of 24 teams.

February 19th "Jack Pine 30", Gwinn to Marquette, Michigan 30 miles.

2008 Race Results

January 5th, "Tahquamenon Country Sled Dog Race", Newberry, Michigan, 21 miles 6-dog, 1st place and track record.

2016 Race Results

(C) Julien Schroder

February 6th, "Yukon Quest 300", Fairbanks to Central, Alaska, 300 miles, 6th place out of 23 teams

2018 Race Results

December 9th, "Alpine Creek Excursion Race", Cantwell, Alaska, 62 miles, Shaynee-8th place, Jeremy-19th place out of 22 teams

January 19th, "Two Rivers 200", Two Rivers, Alaska, 200 miles, 5th place out of 16 teams

March 3rd,   "Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race", Anchorage to Nome, Alaska, 1,000 miles, 48th place out of 52 teams

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