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Photo by: Julien Schroder


Shaynee Traska

Welcome to Howling Ridge Kennel in Two Rivers, Alaska. The kennel is home to husband and wife distance sled dog racers Jeremy and Shaynee Traska. At the young age of nine, Shaynee (Seipke) told her parents she wanted to race the Iditarod someday. Shaynee formed Howling Ridge Kennel when she began training and racing her own team of dogs at age 14. What began as a four-dog team in Gladwin, Michigan is now a forty-dog kennel in the heart of Alaskan mushing country. The

Jeremy Traska

kennel is racing competitively against some of the best sled dog teams in the

world. Jeremy and Shaynee raise, train, and love their dogs from birth and have

an amazing connection with their “kids”.

To learn more about Shaynee's unique mushing journey, click on “The Story”...and fall in love with these amazing canine athletes and the adventures Jeremy and Shaynee have shared with them! Also, please take time to get to know the kennel better by checking out our team and racing history. If you are interested in contacting us about helping the team achieve their dreams, please click on the 'Contact' or 'Join the Team' links."

Shaynee and the Howling Ridge team during the early miles of the 2018 Iditarod-Photo by Julia Redington

Jeremy and team during the 2017 Two Rivers 200-Photo by Julien Schroder

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